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Passariello Family History

The current generation of Passariello’s got started in the food business over 25 years ago when Pasquale Passariello began his first food service job, working in an Italian cargo ship kitchen. Born and raised in Naples, Italy, Pasquale had a deep desire to work in the food business. At the tender age of just 19 years old, he decided to move to the United States on the advice of a good friend in the hopes of living the “American Dream”. Upon arriving in the United States he obtained employment in his father-in-law Sal’s restaurant in the central New Jersey town of Freehold. It was at this restaurant, Dusal’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, that Pasquale started to develop a real passion and understanding of the restaurant business.

Not long after Pasquale got settled in to his new surroundings, his younger brother Giovanni inquired about making the trip over from Naples too. The decision was unanimous, Giovanni would make the trip and start working at Dusal’s too. A few years later Vincenzo, armed with a fresh diploma from Naples High School, decided to make the trip too and join his brothers. His stay in Freehold would be brief however as an opportunity to work in the multi-unit restaurant operation of Scotto’s Pizza came about. By 1989, both Pasquale and Giovanni would join Vincenzo at Scotto’s, eventually opening up four units. They still operate one to this day, in Marlton, NJ.

It was about this time that the family patriarch and father, Clemente Passariello, started to really miss his boys and decided to move the rest of the family to America from Naples. Mom, the youngest boy Sakari, and sister Marianna would all make the trip. Clemente’s role in keeping the family together and guiding the business ventures of his sons was invaluable. He instilled a sound work ethic in the family business and made sure everyone took time to focus on the really important things - family and life! He would eventually start up his own restaurant concept as well, Clemente’s Steak & Subs.

After a few years of working the Scotto’s Pizza restaurant located in a mall food court, Pasquale started to conceptualize a new restaurant concept. His idea was to combine several different food offerings, like in a food court, into a single restaurant concept. Thus the Passariello’s Pavilion idea was born! The Pavilion concept would provide a large variety of authentic Italian upscale pizzas, entrées, salads, sandwiches, and dessert options in a quick-service, casual dining format. The success of the Moorestown, NJ location prompted the family to expand into the Voorhees, NJ market.

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