Our Dough Story


In Italy nothing happens fast when it comes to Italian’s making dough. Dough is the essential component for the staples in any Italian household; it made daily for bread, pasta and pizza. It is what Italian’s live for!

At Passariello’s we make our dough fresh everyday under the watchful eye of expereinced dough makers using the Passariello’s cherished recipe. Our ovens are baking famous house made rolls from early morning throughout the day. You can smell the home-made aroma throughout the neighborhood and the minute you walk into a Passariello’s.

For the past 25 years since arriving in America we have used the premier Gold Medal flour brand. The flour is combined with crystal clear tempered water and 1% natural yeast. The flour has the proper balance of proteins and the tempered water allows the natural enzymes to reach their optimum peak flavor and light bodied characteristic that makes our dough special. It takes 48 hours for the dough to reach its full flavor, precise composition and sweetness. So when you are sleeping our dough is going through its “Leavening” process.

When the waiting is over, we pinch the dough to ensure the dough is at the perfect consistency. The fresh sweet smell of the finished dough tells us it’s ready! Then, the rolling process begins and the dough is ready to become a fresh roll or one of our famous pizza’s, Perfetto!